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Why controlling your dose is important?


Like any over-the-counter (OTC) medication, aroma-based therapies too, should be approached with precision and proper management. Dosing regimens should be approached in a manner that lends confidence to you as a patient. Relying on a dose for a specific, targeted outcome is necessary for you to operate at an optimal level.


All of this holds true for essential-oil-based therapy. Potency requires a moderated, incremental approach. One where intelligence lies at the center of the foundation for new insights surrounding your health.


Your medicine should be all about you; focused, targeted, and specific to your needs.


You do not gamble with antibiotics, or even aspirin, in terms of how much you consume. So, why should you gamble with oils, concentrates, or extracts?


Consider approaching your aroma-based therapy like you would any OTC medication; by quantifying success to better understand what works best for your unique biochemistry. Understand your dosing regimens to map out how you can consistently feel your best.


Be mindful of your dose. Approach every medicating session as an opportunity to learn something new about yourself.


The GoFire Team

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