GoFire Inc.

How It Works.

How It Works.

The Right Dose for the Right Reason.

GoFire helps you take a personalized approach to plant-based medicine. A platform built on community guides you to products and doses best suited to your needs. After all, we are all different.

You Deserve to Learn What Works.

GoFire is an ecosystem built to keep you on track, and help you create a desired effect. Follow these simple steps to discover a perfect dose around your personal needs.

  • Choose

  • Find

  • Control

  • Review

  • Recall

Finding relief is hard. Take "trial and error" out of the picture when looking for new products. After choosing your reason for medicating and leveraging the community to find a product that may work for you, easily locate a retailer in your area who has that cartridge stocked in-store.

Recall to Recreate.

There are 500+ different chemical compounds that can influence how you feel. Your personal profile allows you to reference past sessions, recalling what blends worked well for which reasons.

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Be Anonymous.

Privacy is not always easy to come by. Our team follows military-grade security protocols to ensure anonymity. You'll leave no trace, just the way you like it.


Feel Confident. You're Part of the Community.

Rely on your peers to help find products that work for a variety of reasons. Your job is to learn from others and give back to the community. The rest is up to GoFire.

Finding the Right Product is Hard.

Filter through the noise. Your feedback drives the success of GoFire’s community. What's good for your neighbor might not be good for you, or then again, it might. After all, even though we’re different, what makes us feel our best could be the same.

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