A New, Intelligent Experience. Designed By GoFire.

Welcome to a whole new alternative health experience—precise, intelligent, and 100% personalized. From the inside out, GoFire has reimagined how the delivery of plant-based medicine looks and feels. You now have the power to manage your life with the first intelligent platform designed to aid you in effectively self-administering alternative medicine.

  • 1

    BLE Metered Dosing Device.

    A bluetooth enabled vaporization device communicates with your app to log important information regarding dosing regimens and your alternative health.

  • 2

    SMART Cartridge Interface.

    Your app stores vital information about the contents of your cartridge; visually displaying a full breakdown of the chemical profile within your medicine.

  • 3

    IoS + Android Dosing App.

    Track and monitor important session metrics; correlating success through community learning to help you find products suited for your needs.

  • 4

    Server + IoT Machine Learning.

    The GoFire server houses your information, safely and anonymously; learning over time to help make better decisions regarding dosing needs.

A Better Way To Vaporize.

Medical grade materials, true convection vaporization, patented extrusion technology,  and infrared dose detection are just a few reasons why GoFire is the most advanced vaporizer in the world. Experience a dose of confidence with alternative medicine, and find your best with GoFire.

Medical-Grade Materials.

GoFire is crafted from thoughtfully-sourced, medical-grade materials that enhance safety and improve your experience.

True Convection Vaporization.

GoFire ensures the highest quality vapor through superheating air, free of metallic particulates, so you can dose safely.

Dose Completion Detection.

GoFire illuminates a soft white LED as vapor is passing through the air path in to help identify when you finish a dose.

Where SMART Technology Meets Natural Medicine.


A Better Way To Personalize.

Smart sensor technology with bluetooth connectivity puts GoFire’s brain and capabilities in your hands. Review every session and reference historical data from within the app to dial in on products and doses that work best for you. Customize device and preference settings from within the app, and once personalized, you’re ready to fully experience GoFire.

Personalized Journal.

Recorded doses are displayed within your session journal so you can keep track of how you felt in relation to an individual dose.

Dosing Assistant.

Fully realize how varying doses of different blends affect you uniquely, based on what’s worked for others in the community.

Dosing Reminders.

Think of one less thing tomorrow. Set a dose reminder and allow GoFire to help you recall when you need your dose the most.


Number of milligrams extruded with just one click of the dosing wheel.


Number of days your GoFire will last without a single charge.


Number of seconds it takes your GoFire to heat to a desired temp.


Number of 2.5 mg doses available within a 1000 mg SMART Cartridge.


Intelligent By Design.

Inspired by your needs, GoFire ensures a best-in-class vaporization experience that preserves flavor and provides unmatched vapor density. Convection vaporization, superior power management, a surgical-grade heating chamber and all-glass air path provide unrivaled taste preservation and leave your vapor contaminant free, so you can feel truly confident in every dose.

No App Necessary.

Enjoy GoFire with or without the app.

Battery Type

Rechargeable Lithium-Ion 7.4v 3500 mAh


Medical Grade Materials

Light Sensors

Programmable LEDs (APA 101 20202)

Made In USA.

Designed + Manufactured.


5.38” tall x 2.6” wide x 0.86” thick (inches)


iPhone 5 or newer, including Apple Watch. Versions 9.0+


In development, launching Spring 2018

FCC Certified.

Bluetooth Certified Device.


311 grams (0.68 lbs)


Bluetooth module with RFI shielding

Oven Volume

Fits between 0.1 and 0.2 grams

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