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    • SMART Cartridges Available in Colorado
    • Loose-leaf & Extract Compatible

GoFire tracks and monitors the delivery of plant-based medicine in measured doses for a consistent, personalized experience.

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Your Dose Companion.

GoFire takes precision seriously. Mindfully control every dose in 2.5 mg increments, and get the most out of your medicine with the first dose-sensing vaporization device of its' kind.

  • 4 days without charge
  • 2 seconds to heat

Micro or Macro-Dose. You Decide.

GoFire’s SMART cartridge maintains the taste and chemical profile throughout the lifetime of the cartridge. A patented extrusion technology ensures a fresh dose with each click of the dose wheel, unaccompanied by harmful particles that degrade vapor quality.

  • 2.5 milligrams per dose
  • 400 doses per gram

Your Journal for Every Dose.

The app isn't necessary, but it sure helps. GoFire’s application helps you reference historical data to dial in on products and doses that work best.

  • Efficacy Rating
  • Blend Ratios

Designed in Denver. Inspired by Health.

We believe in taking the small business approach to quality assurance controls and product development. We’re thinking local and acting local, in hopes that we can contribute to the digital health movement taking place right here in Denver, Colorado.

We've got you covered.

Accidents happen, we know that. In the event of such an accident, feel confident knowing that you’re covered with GoFire’s exclusive Limited Lifetime Warranty.

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Take Your Dose of Confidence.

Personalize your vaporization experience from extract to extract, and dose to dose. Be the first to find your dose with GoFire, and take on your day with health and happiness.