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Meet Your Personal Dosing Assistant.

Your Alternative Health. In Real Time.

Transform the way you experience alternative medicine with an intelligent solution inspired by your health. Customize every session with a personal dosing app that tracks your alternative health behaviors so you can get a better sense of your dosing and device setting needs.

Session Control.

Control your device in real-time, and visually monitor dose delivery from the palm of your hand.

Blend Analysis.

Review cartridge specific insights, and better gauge the effect a unique extract will have on your well-being.

Community Science.

Access the GoFire community to track what’s working for others in search of a similar type of relief.

Personal Journal.

Keep track of favorite blends; recall temp settings and dose regimens that made you feel your best.

Efficacy Comparison.

Quickly compare the efficacy rating of one blend from the next, relative to what you’re trying to relieve.

Product Finder.

See a product that may work based on community feedback? Set your location and find your formula.

Start Dosing Properly.

An analysis of every dose identifies trends that will help fine-tune how you select alternative medicine. Learn and establish dosing patterns that free your mind and body, and activate your alternative health with GoFire.

Consistency. Has A New Look.

Your GoFire learns from you, so your therapy can be personalized. The GoFire App allows you to actively manage your dose. View important metrics like your dose size in milligrams, cartridge molecular profile, and temperature settings to tailor needs around an individual dose.

Dose Incrementally.

Extrude doses in 2.5 milligram increments based on the contents of your cartridge.

Control Temperature.

Reach temperatures ranging from 150° - 500°F in 5 seconds or less, wherever you are.

Inhale Intelligently.

Activate temperature specific compounds within your cartridge’s concentrate profile.

Transparency. Has A New Name.

The GoFire App will help you better understand how a specific plant-based concentrate might affect you. Know exactly what you’re putting into your body based on lab tested data stored on your SMART cartridge, and experience the full potential of alternative medicine with GoFire.


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The blend analysis specific to your unique SMART cartridge arms you with the confidence to better manage your dose.


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Understand how and why a whole plant extract might affect you differently.


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Review the chemical breakdown inside every cartridge to properly tailor a dose.

Reliability. Now Has A Number.

The GoFire App calculates a success percentage for an individual dose, in relation to a specific cartridge blend, based on your reason for medicating. Simply, select why you’re utilizing GoFire to begin correlating the success level a specific material and dose size had for your desired outcome.


Search + Sort.

Clearly determine which cartridges are best for you. Sort by best seller, most reviewed, or best match relative to your desired outcome or location, conveniently from the app.


Compare Efficacy.

Grade cartridge profiles on how well they work. Rate the effectiveness of every dose, and anonymously compare what’s working for you with others in the GoFire community.


Share Success.

Don’t rely on medicine that isn’t intended for you. Easily share session history and success metrics with physicians, colleagues or friends, and show what’s working for you.

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