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Blended Health is a new term that we believe is important. It relates the chemistry of a specific essential oil to vitamins. From this perspective, our body has an Upper Limit (UL) and Lower Limit (LL) tolerance; where too much of anything is never good, and operating optimally is impossible with deficiencies.

So what do you do when you’re sick? More Vitamin-C? Rather than rely on this traditional perspective, we consider essential oils to represent something our bodies could be deficient of in certain instances.

The question for us was simple — what does your body need?

We wanted to know what worked best for ours; monitoring our own intake based on incremental doses of essential oils. Based on our findings, we’re able to harmonize our mind and bodies in relation to a precise dose of your favorite concentrate, extract, or oil blend.

There is a science to feeling your best, and it starts with a better understanding of what works best for your mind and body!

With GoFire, you can begin optimizing how you feel through the precise management of an alternative, oil-based therapy.


The Future of Alternative Health is coming.

Are you ready?


The GoFire Team

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