A Vaporizer Made Human.

GoFire is designed to help you understand how plant-based medicine fits into your life. With micro-dosing technology, alternative therapy becomes more personal, consistent and precise.

Metered Dose Control.

Mindfully control every dose in 2.5 mg increments.

SMART Health Application.

Visually track what’s working, and learn from every dose.

SMART Cartridge Technology.

Identify blended formulas for any time of day, and feel better.

Precise Temperature Control.

Personalize temp settings to amplify your experience.

Material Versatility.

Compatible with loose leaf and extract materials of your choice.

Vapor Detection Technology.

Know if you’ve finished your dose with vapor indication.

Take Your Correct Dose. Every Time.

The GoFire Platform is an ideal place to learn how specific plant-based medicines make you feel. Utilize the GoFire system to explore how the first all-in-one vaporization solution can guide you toward plant-based concentrates that work best for you.

A Better Way To Know.

Personalize your vaporization experience with a personal dosing calibrator and SMART Cartridge system designed to enhance consistency from extract to extract, and dose to dose. Truly understand your personal dosing needs, relative to what you’re trying to relieve, or how you want to feel.

A Dose Designed Around You.

Identify your personal dosing needs with plant-based medicine. Sensors inside GoFire monitor every moment with your device. Track important dosing metrics from each session, and better correlate efficacy measures to specific types of plant-based medicine with GoFire. Make more of every moment and feel your best, more often.

The GoFire App.

GoFire helps you consider important wellness metrics in relation to your overall health. Actively manage your dose and device settings with the GoFire App, and fully realize how varying doses of different plant-based blends affect you uniquely.

The Future Of Alternative Health.
In Your Hands.

It’s time to take your future and your health into your own hands. With GoFire, you have the power to better control your alternative medicine with a proprietary metered-dosing technology, SMART Cartridge Interface, and Personal Dosing App. Take your dose of confidence, and create a consistent, repeatable experience with GoFire.

Your GoFire. Your Perfect Dose.

You Decide What You Need Next. Target Your Outcome By Your Dose.

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