GoFire Inc.

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Control Your Experience.

GoFire is designed to help you understand how plant-based medicine fits into your life. With micro-dosing technology and smart-sensor integration, alternative therapy becomes more personal, consistent and precise. Introducing GoFire, the world’s most intelligent vaporization device with personal dosing app.

The Device.

The power of precision is now in your hands. GoFire empowers you with the confidence to control how much and what you're putting into your body. True convection vaporization and metered-dose control make GoFire the most advanced vaporizer in the world.


The App.

‚ÄčTrack what's working best for you, and find products suited to your specific needs based on the anonymous feedback of the GoFire Community. Sound complicated? Fear not, trust your community.


A SMART Cartridge for Every Occasion.

Breathe easy by knowing what's inside your SMART Cartridge. A Blend Analysis allows you to understand exactly what’s inside every dose. Simply review the chemical breakdown of your cartridge, and begin understanding how different blends, temperature settings and dosing regimens affect your experience.

Find comfort in being you.

Anxiety is no joke. It keeps you from being you, but it doesn't have to. Become the best version of yourself again, and take back your life with GoFire.

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Live life on your own terms.

Pain can be crippling. Some days are worse than others, but we all have to press on. Leave your pain behind you, and find the relief you deserve with GoFire.

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Don't miss your moment.

Sleep is the foundation of feeling great. Don't let insomnia and exhaustion take you away from the moments that matter most. Rest easy with GoFire.

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Personalized for You.

Plants are by nature inconsistent, making it difficult to create a consistent experience and truly personalize a dose. We thought that should change. Now, you can create consistency through precision dosing, and remove the guesswork to begin discovering which products and doses work for you.

How it works