GoFire Inc.

The World's
Most Advanced
Precision Dosing Vaporizer.


Smart, Safe and Functional.

From the inside out, GoFire has reimagined how the delivery of plant-based medicine looks and feels. Experience the first metered-dose sensing vaporization device designed to aid you in feeling truly confident in each dose.


Reimagining Precise Dose Delivery.

GoFire helps you unlock the potential inside every cartridge and dose with pharmaceutical-grade precision. Track what you're putting into your body and feel confident that you're getting only the amount you want with GoFire.

A Truly Medical Design.

GoFire is crafted from thoughtfully-sourced, medical-grade materials that enhance safety and improve your experience. A borosilicate glass air path keeps your vapor pure and cool, and makes cleaning easy.

Safety is a Priority.

GoFire’s dosing chamber ensures the highest quality vapor through superheating air, free of metallic particulates, so you can dose safely. Whatever is in the chamber is what you get, nothing more and nothing less. Now, that's precision.

Dose Completion Detection.

GoFire senses every dose; illuminating a soft, white LED as vapor is passing through the air path to help identify when you finish a dose. After all, a dose is not a dose until it is complete. Just sit back, relax and let GoFire do the heavy lifting. GoFire will wave if a portion of your dose remains!

Designed for You.

Built with safety and efficacy in mind, GoFire’s elegant, easy-to-use vaporizer allows you to create a desired effect. There hasn't been a standardized way for you to dose by ailment or delivery, until now. Enter GoFire.