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JUNE 4, 2019

Gofire hires Oberlin College, Yale University assistant professor to help researchers design and manage clinical trials using the Gofire Health Suite

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MAY 29, 2019

Technology resolves a critical concern for patients and physicians: How to control dosage and track outcomes of cannabis and other plant-based medicines

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APRIL 12, 2019

As President, Hodas will help drive day-to-day operations, including marketing and sales, as the company prepares to launch its patent-pending Gofire Inhaler

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JANUARY 9, 2019

Scannable Technology Grants Patients Access to Descriptions, Reviews and Dosing Information for Evolve Formulas Products

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NOVEMBER 14, 2018

Gofire's Smart Health App and DoseCode Technology Streamlines Plant-Based Medicine for Patients and Physicians, Spotlighting Crowdsourced Insights

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APRIL 18, 2018

Gofire Makes Limited Pre-Order Sale Available to Exclusively Purchase its Intelligent Convection Vaporizer with Dose-Monitoring App, Proprietary Smart Cartridge and Dose Detection Technology

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