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A Better Way to Know.

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A Better Way to Know.

GoFire makes managing your dose and medicine easy and efficient. Intuitively monitor dose delivery, track session efficacy, and discover products and dose regimens that work best for you with the GoFire App.


Learn from Every Dose.

You're in the driver's seat. It's time for you to take control. Make informed decisions regarding your dose needs for any reason and time of day with GoFire.


Session Control.

Control your device and experience in real-time. Customize temperature settings, analyze the chemical profile of a dose, and change your reasons for using GoFire as you or your care-provider see fit.

Blend Analysis.

An analysis of every dose identifies trends that will help fine-tune how you select alternative medicine. Learn and establish dose patterns with specific plant-based blends that enhance your quality of life with GoFire.

Personal Profile.

Keep track of your highest rated blends, easily recalling session history and your favorite device settings from within the app. Graphs help you understand product effectiveness so you can identify what's working, and create consistent, reliable results whenever you're in search of relief.

Personalized Medicine has a New Name.

Begin truly integrating plant-based medicine into your treatment plan, and understand how unique blends interact with your mind, body and prescription medications. Then, easily share how you're feeling and what you're learning with physicians, family or friends.

Community Science.

Learning from your community has never been so simple. GoFire’s peer-reviewed cartridge-rating ecosystem allows you to anonymously track and discover what’s working for others in search of a similar type of relief.


Confidence in Community.

Shine a light in a dark room, and clearly determine which product formulas work best for you and your peers. Sort by best seller, most reviewed or best match relative to your desired outcome and location, conveniently from the app.