Gofire Inc.

“If proper dosing is one part of the equation, another is determining an accurate read of an oil’s chemical makeup. Each Gofire branded cartridge is loaded with a chip containing information on the chemical makeup of the product, which has been analyzed by an outside lab and loaded into a database.”

"Calfee knew he was on to something late last year when he got word that Canada’s Canopy Growth Corp. … had a patent application blocked because of existing intellectual property held by Gofire."

"Users can keep track of what kind of [plant medicine] they are using, how much, when they used it, and then track its effects so they can adjust the type, amount and frequency."

"The soccer mom swapping chardonnay for a vape pen as she tries to unwind doesn’t have four hours to spend locked to the couch, so she needs a way to control how much [plant medicine] she’s consuming."

"Other products on the market don’t stand up against the precision of Gofire’s Metered Dose Inhaler."

"How do you create a consistent, repeatable dose in inhalable medicine? It's the Holy Grail of delivering drugs to the deep lung."

"Gofire takes a granular approach to crowdsource information not only on which conditions certain strains [] might treat, but also in which forms and dosages."

"Gofire takes a granular approach to crowdsource information not only on which conditions certain strains [] might treat, but also in which forms and dosages."

"As consumers become knowledgeable about dosing, they are demanding consistency in products. The much-anticipated Gofire Health Suite...will answer those demands."

"Colorado’s Gofire puts “All of your alternative medicine in one place,” using crowdsourcing and reviews to help buyers find the right product for their symptoms."

“Gofire seems best poised to capture the dosing prize, and its technology has already been successfully tested as accurate measurement tools for clinical cannabis trials at Colorado State University.”

“Peter Calfee and John Woodbine started Gofire with the goal of creating the perfect vaporizer -- one that delivers the exact dosage promised.”

“In order for plant-based medicine to become a viable solution for a greater swath of the population (i.e., mainstream health and wellness), three control criteria must be met: quantity, potency and frequency. Physicians require those criteria to prescribe an exact, measured dose of a specific medical formulation at predetermined intervals.”

“Gofire looks for employees who can bring diverse opinions and perspectives to the table. The culture welcomes diverse and opposing viewpoints. They recognize that you get to the best answer by hearing many perspectives, therefore, employees never feel concerned about whether they should speak up in a meeting.”

"Patients need a way to track how each strain affects them, and replicate that method for future use...similar to how they would replicate their dosages with pharmaceuticals."

"One of the unique benefits of the design is that only the oil sent into the chamber is exposed to heat, thus preserving the delicate terpenes and the overall integrity of the custom oil blends."

"If you can control what you're using and know with certainty the amount that you're getting, you can be so much safer and feel so much better about using plant-based medicine."

"We designed the Gofire device and platform with FDA approval in mind so we can push clinical research on the effectiveness of different formulas for specific ailments."

"What’s on a prescription pad? Dose, chemical profile dosing regimen. That didn’t exist in alternative health, until now."