Company Overview.

Current Technology. Needed a Facelift.

Plant-based medicine needs to be properly understood before it can ever become responsibly moderated. Until now, that task was nearly impossible to accomplish. For the first time, you have the technology you need to take plant-based medicine, seriously. Different blends, dose sizes, and temperature settings will directly influence the effect experienced. GoFire was founded for and designed to — account for these very differences.

Digital Health. For Plant Based Medicine.

We thought of everything so you didn’t have too. From quality assurance measures to HIPAA compliant data security protocols we take what we do seriously. After all changing the face of healthcare was never supposed to be easy!

The Big Picture.

GoFire’s technology was designed to impact those in search of a safe, reliable way to administer alternative medicine, as well as, provide benchmark metrics for physicians and caregivers to begin basing dosing regimen and product-recommendation-related-decisions for specific conditions and disease states. Now patients, caregivers, and healthcare professionals can quantify dosing regimens based on the chemical profile, size of dose, and patient condition with confidence. The end result is a personalized care plan, built for a specific condition and optimized for the individual with the GoFire system.

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A Better Way To Learn.

This analytical foundation represents a segway into a new regulated marketplace, where traditional and alternative medicine begin to become one-in-the-same. With peer-reviewed patient analytics, and a common language for physicians and patients to build upon, we will aid in the reposition of plant-based medicine to validate its efficacy as a reliable, holistic alternative to over-the-counter (OTC) pharmaceuticals; finally blending the lines between what is considered an alternative and traditional method of treatment.

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